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New book!

A beautiful, comprehensive artbook featuring best’s outfits from the best Magazine Advertisements, TV commercials and catalogues from Basketball iconic players fom the 90’s. From Larry Johnson’s Grandmama Converse commercials to Penny Hardaway and Lil’ Penny and more.

If you are a true 90’s Basketball fan, this 220 pages tome must be in your collection.


Ahead of the basketball games the sports brands promote theirs products through advertisements in magazines, promotional posters, TV commercials, etc. In those plataforms the basketball stars wear the latest sneaker model trying to hypnotize all of the young fans to get their stuff. The 90’s promos were crazy in terms of basketball models and in promotions. That’s why I made this book, to pay homage to the models and outfits this stars wore in this fantastic era. So here you have Mis zapas: 90’s ads


New Grandmama’s Book!

This month is for Larry “The Grandmama” Johnson!

Do you want to know wich model Larry Johnson wore in any game in his professional career?. Now you can with this book. 75 ilustrated pages of all Johnson’s outfits from his early years with the Charlotte Hornets to his last professional game as a New York Knick.

All of this plus outfits from his best TV commercials, catalogues and much more…

Buy your copy here

¡Este mes toca Larry “La abuela” Johnson!

¿Quieres saber que modelo llevó Larry Johnson en cualquier partido en su carrera profesional?. Ahora puedes con mi último libro. 75 páginas ilustradas con todos los uniformes y modelos de Johnson desde sus primeros años en los Charlotte Hornets hasta su último partido profesional como un Knick de Nueva York.

Todo esto más uniformes y modelos de sus mejores anuncios de televisión, catálogos y mucho más…

Puedes comprar tu copia aquí

New year, new books!

After seeing the results and the messages received, I have decided that I am going to make an electronic book a month, or at least try it.

The order goes from the most requested at least so the list would be this:

January: Charles Barkley
February: “Penny” Hardaway
March: Shaquille O’neal
April: Chris Webber
May: Scottie Pippen
June: Shawn Kemp
July: Patrick ewing
August: Larry Johnson
September: David Robinson

If everything goes well at the end of the year I will make a physical book of all nineties most trascendent players and sneakers.


Después de ver los resultados y los mensajes recibidos he decidido que voy a hacer un libro electrónico al mes, o por lo menos intentarlo.

El orden va desde el más solicitado al menos asi que la lista sería esta:

Enero: Charles Barkley
Febrero: “Penny” Hardaway
Marzo: Shaquille O’neal
Abril: Chris Webber
Mayo: Scottie Pippen
Junio: Shawn Kemp
Julio: Patrick ewing
Agosto: Larry Johnson
Septiembre: David Robinson

Si todo va bien a finales año haré un libro físico de todos los jugadores y zapatillas más trascendentales de los noventa.