Mis Zapas: 90’s ebook

A beautiful, comprehensive art book featuring all of best of the NBA’s Players and their sneakers and uniforms from 1990-91 season to 1999-00 season. From the last years of Magic and Bird, covering Chicago Bulls two three peats and Rockets Back to Back, All Star Games and 1992, 1994, 1996 and 2000 USA Basketball teams.

If you are a true 90’s fan, this 736 pages tome must be in your collection.

6 years ago I launched successfully my first paper book, Mis Zapas: The Book. I believed that I couldn’t do anything better, but I was wrong. Last year I launched 1981-2003 Michael Jordan’s Sneaker History: The Book where I improved my illustration skills and the models looked more detailed. The book had a lot of attention and many people had confidence in my project buying the book. I was very happy with this book but I need to do something more complete and here you have it: Mis zapas: 90’s.